DefinitionsMathematicsWhat is a Semicircle?

What is a Semicircle?

A semicircle is a half circle. It is created by drawing a straight line, called the diameter, that cuts a circle exactly in half. One half of the circle, along with the diameter, forms the semicircle.

The diameter is the base of the semicircle and the arc of the circle forms the curved edge of the semicircle.

For example, if the radius of a circle is 5 units, the diameter would be 10 units, and the semicircle would have a radius of 5 units, a diameter of 10 units, and a circumference (or perimeter) of π(5) = 3.14 * 5 = 15.7 units.

It’s worth noting that the area of a semicircle is (π*r^2)/2 where r is the radius of the semicircle.

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